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Select start and end date to calculate how many days are between them. The result will appear in the box below.

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The difference between the dates is:
15391 days
or 505 months
or: 42 years, 1 month and 23 days

About Days Calculator

The tool on this page is used to calculate the time difference between the two dates. The result given includes information about how many days, months are between the given dates. And exactly how many years, months, and days there are.

Using this days calculator is very easy. Enter two dates from and to in the form fields (Start date and End date). The dates should be entered in the following format: DD/MM/YYYY (e.g. 09/02/1981). After clicking on any of the form fields, a calendar will appear, which will make it easier to select the appropriate day. Of course, the date can also be entered using the keyboard.

Use of the Days Calculator

The days calculator allows you to calculate exactly how old you are. You can see exactly how many days you already have. The age given in days is often used when talking about babies.

You can count how many days are left until an event (e.g. a birthday).


After entering in the field Start date the date 09/02/1981 and in the field End date the date 13/08/2020, the result will be obtained:
The difference between the dates is:
14430 days
or 474 months
a dokładnie: 39 years, 6 months i 4 days

(this is how many years, months and days I have when I create this page ;))

How to count how many days are left until your birthday? All you need to do is to enter today's date in the field Start date and your next birthday in the field End date. This way you will know exactly how many days your birthday will be in.