Examples of using the Days Calculator

Below you will find some practical uses of the days calculator. Since you've found this page, chances are you know others yourself :) If they are not on this list, share this information with us, send an example using the form on this page: contact.

Example 1 - How old am I?

By entering your date of birth in the first field (Start date) and today's date in the second field (End date), you will know the exact number of days, months, or years that have already passed.

Such information may be important to parents of young children. For example, some medications can only be administered from the age of 3 months, and much developmental information is given in days or months.

Example 2 - How many days until Christmas?

Are you waiting for Christmas, a Christmas tree and gifts underneath it? If you want to know exactly how many days are left until that day, just enter the last date in the Start date field, and select December 25 in the End date field.

Example 3 - How long did the renovation last?

You have just picked up the keys to the apartment, which has been renovated since June 5 by a team recommended by your friend. The gentlemen promised that they would complete everything in 45 days. Today is July 17. How long did the renovation take exactly?

Select June 5 for the Start date field and July 17 for the End date field. The result is 42 days. The recommended team did the renovation.